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I'm gonna try to summerize some of this. I have always had strange things that I could do. For instance, some people I can literally feel the emotions they are feeling. in fact, everyone has an essance that varies in strength (In terms of how easily noticable it is) and emotion/s eminating from them. Sometimes I stand in a crowd and I can feel a powerful sadness or joy or regret or anger and if it's strong enough, you can even tell exactly who it's coming from. Sometimes it's an emotion or feeling you don't understand and that can be really weird.

I also have coversations with myself. It's kinda difficult to explain. I dont just randomly when I'm at work start talking to some imaginary guy about what they did all day. But what I do is talk to, I guess kinda like my alter ego. Maybe my subconcious. A good example happened yesterday, a girl I know was being short with me and when she walked away I was left alone. So now I envision someone to talk to, same guy who looks a lot like me everytime.

So i said (out loud) what's with her?

-Did you feel the that coming off of her

It was just a cold, lonlyness

We decided that she was feeling lonly because whe was thinking about her last boyfriend who used to go out for her when she was on her period. We guessed that she was probably on it

Well when she came back after being gone for around 20 min. Her makeup was touched up. That black stuff around the eyes wasn't as nice looking as when she left. I walked up to her and told her that I know it's hard going through what she did, and that im her friend and she'll never be alone. That's about when she asked me how I knew that's what was on her mind and she broke down in my arms telling me how she felt.

What do you guys think? I call have always called it my intuition, does anyone else have it? Would love to hear from people who understand psychology or how to get makup out of my favorite shirt.

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  • You are a very sensitive person. Don't take that to offense, but its rare people are that in tune to their emotions and others. I believe it has something due to the soul, I have it too. You should be careful, as from what I've learnt if you can sense negativity, I should warn you that tuning into that can damage you. Its difficult to say how, you can be swarmed by those feelings if you let them overtake you and that's one contributing to depression quite often. Be careful. And as for the talking to yourself, your not insane. I completely assure you that isn't all that rare. I talk to myself but usually do it in private, most people either do that or they say it in there mind. It is widely considered strange but there's no reason to say you should ever change it. I don't really know what to call it but its reassuring to talk to so I say if it works it works

    • That's crazy you say that, I do get depressed from it sometimes. The hardest part to all this if always feeling everything. It can be just as much a curse as a gift. But what if the whole reason I have it is because I CAN bear a burden like this? I think I need to help people who are going through emotional times in their lives. And I think I can help them understand themselves and the people around them better.

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  • Dry it out with baking soda and then try a baking soda/dish soap paste and scrub til its out. Don't put it in the dryer til you've done all your can to get the stains out.

    As for the rest of it, *thumbs up*

  • im kinda like you... but less...

    • What can you do.

    • like you said i talk to myself a lot not in public though or too loudly
      and i can feel people too sometimes, not as much a you but yea kinda

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