How do you guys and girls feel about League of Legends, League Championship Series being covered by ESPN?

I've noticed ESPN on my facebook has been giving me updates and clips of league of legends. I love the game, but wonder if it some how legitemizes it such as Pocker or does it cheapen it and ESPN just cares about the $$$?

  • Legitemizes it
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  • Only covers it because of the cash revenue and cheapens the competitveness of it.
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  • It's about what sells


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  • It's a money grab. But it makes sense. Why not air video game tournaments in the summer, when it is the slowest time in America for sports?

    • LCS league championship series has a spring split and summer split then fall is world championships... more people world wide watch it than NBA or NHL championship. It's almost year round

    • I say Yes the LCS will have more viewership than the NBA or NHL championship series.

      However, the ad revenue for the NBA will probably be higher.

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  • I don't really watch ESPN so I couldn't care less if it's shown there.

  • I will soon be appearing in the next League of all stars 😉