Will the psych tell someone about this if I'm already an adult?

I tried to kill myself less than a week ago but obviously failed. No one found out and I haven't told anyone but I feel like I've hit rock bottom and I need to talk about this. I can't seek therapy because I have no money but I can pay for one session, which is all I need right now. My question is: will that psych tell my family or put me in a mental hospital against my will? The last thing I need right now is for people to find out I can't even do that right.

Hope GAG doesn't delete this. I'm just asking what will happen with the psych, not about the attempt.



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  • Everything you say is private. If the psych really believes you are a danger to yourself or others, they might be able to commit you with a judge's order. In that case, the judge and possibly some kind of court clerk would be the only ones to know, and they will keep it private also.

    I really can't see that happening in your case. Psychs and judges really avoid doing that as much as possible.

    • So it would be fine if I just went for one session, told what happened and left? why do you not see it happening to me? what can make that happen? sorry I need to be 100% sure

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    • I don't think they'll make you take meds. They might recommend it though. I think meds should be the second to last resort. Committing someone is the last resort.

      I fully understand you not wanting meds, but they can work miracles with some people. They don't have to be long term either. Sometimes they can help get you past the rough spots.

      I've been through some rough times also. If you want to talk about anything at all, I promise not to judge no matter what. Hang in there, you are stronger than you think. I made it. A lot of other people made it. And so can you.

    • It's not that I don't want them, I simply can't afford them. Thank you

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  • I would think yes. They're required by law to alert the proper authorities. You NEED to tell someone though so you can get help.

    • No I can't tell them if everyone will find out, thanks tho

    • You're welcome but in order for them to help, you need to tell someone.

    • It's fine, I don't think I can get help anyways. I just want to tell someone what happened last week and that's it

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  • I can't speak with any real authority with regards to the rules dictating privilege for therapy. However if you lack money and want to talk to someone who won't share, there are hotlines set up specifically for this type of thing I believe.

    The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has a number of 1-800-273-TALK in the US. I would imagine whatever else they should be able to clarify whether or not your therapist will be able to share. Additionally they could help direct you to support groups or other free resources given your lack of funds I would imagine.

    Also, someone else already offered, but if for whatever reason you find you find you want someone else to talk to, I would be willing to listen.

    I hope that you feel better. And try to remember, the miserablest day we live, there's still many a better thing to do than die. So try not to give up!

    • Thank you. There are no hotlines here but I guess I'll use the support groups I've found online

  • Everything discussed with a doctor or therapist is confidential and they can't release any information without your consent, just get yourself in there. I've been depressed and had suicidal thoughts before, but suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem..

    • Did you try to kill yourself? did you tell the psych?

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    • If you need to talk send me a message, I'll gladly listen. :)

    • Thank you

  • Hugs. Hang in there. Give yourself a year. You will be surprised how much life can change in a single year. Then think you have like 60 of those to go. Nothing in life is permanent. You haven't ruined anything.

    Good luck and more hugs.

  • You can talk to me if you want. I've had problems with the fam and I've ran away from home a few times. HMU anytime.


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  • You really need to talk to your therapist about this. The best way to help yourself feel better is to ask for and get the help you need.

    • I don't have one. I'll just book one session.

  • The psych will only tell your parents if your behavior is dangerous to you or others, in this case you are a danger to yourself. So yeah, the psych will tell your parents.
    Not sure about the mental hospital though.