What could this kid's (4 yrs) possible problem be?

I had a new student yesterday. We have an interactive board at school. There was a picture of 4 kids. One of them was highlighted (as in it was glowing and the glow was slowly blinking). He was supposed to tap on the highlighted child in the picture.

This new student I had seemed to not be able to that very simple task. Even when I gave him repetitive clear gestures to tap on the highlighted child, he still tapped on other children. This happened a number of times, with a other highlighted parts of the pictures as well.

We suspected that he might be autistic, he sure was showing some signs of being it. And also maybe has ADD or ADHD.

But then, what would make a 4-year-old boy unable to "see" something that was very clearly highlighted? Other students his age and younger had never seemed to have this problem

If it matters, his aunt said he's addicted to TV. Which I have guessed as well.


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  • I suppose it depends on the severity of the conditions. That never happened with me, but if they had very low functioning autism, you were lucky they even touched a picture. Are there any other signs of it you have noticed?

    • Yes. He couldn't sit still. Sometimes he seems like he cannot learn from "experience". Ex. You can't touch the board with 2 hands because it will not work. I showed him, I put my left hand on my back. No understanding. I put his hand on my back and guided his other hand. Did this twice and he still kept doing the same mistake again and again. Seemed to me like he kept forgetting. He isn't able to color. Picture of a girl. He would color the entire girl (face, hair, clothes, legs) with one color.

      And when another teacher held his hand and guided him into the classroom, he kept wandering away, looking to other places in the room.

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  • Autistic is a good call

    • Are autistic children not able to recognise clear signs and gestures though? When done repeatedly?

    • Yes.. It has to do with the way their brain processes information. Have you approached his parents for some insight?

    • Not yet. Yesterday was a trial class. They still don't know whether they would enroll him. I spoke to my coworkers about this, and one of the more experienced teachers thought so too. They have had a brief talk with our boss about this. If he does enroll, I hope for the boy's sake she will talk to the caregivers about our suspicions

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