Is anyone else as happy about the start of the premier league football season?

The last bit of soccer I got to watch was when my girlfriend insisted all of a sudden that we should watch the womens world cup (even though she hates football). I swear it was so slow and boring. Watching a couple of pub teams would have been better. Its nice to be able to see soccer played once again at yhe highest level.

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  • Women soccer is a poor subsitute
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  • As a women I dissagree even though I dont like soccer
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  • Did you miss all of CONCACAF and UEFA? Also the women's games and MLS have been *really* good this year.

    • Not to be rude but MLS is where players who weren't good enough to play professionaly and where old professionals go to die. I watched the world cup and it was like watching twelve year olds play. I just dont think women's football is as good as the mens. Its just too slow. Sorry.

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    • Im not sorry lol. But as a demonstration how about we have Barcelona play your favourite women's team the seattle... ( I can't remember) Barcelona 100 your team zero.

    • Women don't play men. But hmmm let's think about Spain in the World Cup. Oh that's right. They didn't make it past the group stage.

      I also take severe offense at being told I like a Seattle team. That's like telling Man City they like Manchester United. Rude.

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  • Heckkk naw. My Chelsea needs to play at a higher level like last season.


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  • Yeah i gotta agree with the women soccer, its quite sad seeing how we are represented tbh, but in saying that, there are some absolutely amazing female players out there! :)


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  • nah soccer sucks

    • You suck you mean. @zing

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