I am not jealous of my friend BUT?

He took 4 subjects and got 4 A+
I did the same thing and got 3 A+ and 1 A.
I am 100% sure that i could have gotten an A+ in that fkn subject but i ran out of time. There was 7 minutes left on the clock when i had 5 pages left ! Which is a lot ! So i had to rush those 5 pages and i even left some questions empty bcz of the time. So here is the thing. I am angry bcz i knew the answers to all the questions in the last 5 pages but i didn't have the time to write them. I got an A instead of an A+ bcz of that. And its killing me bcz that was really important to me and i knew the answers !


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  • Just take this as a lesson to learn how to use your time more efficiently during the exam. Do practice exam questions and time yourself, that way you can get used to writing what you need under time pressure. It's one thing knowing the answers but another thing having the time to write it all down.


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  • don't worry.. this happened to me too.. but i learned my lesson and never let it happen again..


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  • Next time when you're writing a test/exam:

    1. Skip the questions you don't know the answer to yet and do the questions you already know, because it's pointless wasting time on something you might not get right if you can use the time for the other questions where you won't need to think. Come back to the question last.

    2. If you know your work really well, try not to elaborate too much and show off your knowledge. Just write what is necassary and needed on the paper.

    You don't have to be angry now. What's passed has already passed, being angry isn't gonna give you more time to finish the paper or re-write it.

    This 'failure' Is very necassary as you will definitely need the lesson you've learned later in the future. You will know what to do now because of what you haven't done.

    • But i always know the answers...
      That is what is making it difficult. Knowing all the answers and having no time to write them down.