GAGers: what are your opinions on Conspiracy Theories?

I personally do not believe in them myself. All the time I hear of microchipping, yet I have yet to even see in the news any thing about forced microchipping by 2017. I also have heard about the JFK assasination saying: The soviets did it, the mafia did it, LBJ did it, the Klan did it. But, yet none can be proven. Do you believe in people like Alex Jones? or do you think conspiracy theories are just simply to scare people into their greatest fears? I have heard many times over and over The thing we fear the most is what we end up becoming.


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  • I don't discount things just because they sound crazy. I'm open to possibilities outside of what most people believe or want to believe. If you believe that the government, media, etc has your entire best interests at heart and that they don't lie or hide things, then you are blind. No, I'm not some conspiracy theorist nutcase. I just prefer not to be lead blindly. I don't just believe things because I am told to. I don't follow the masses, nor do I walk away from them. I sit back and quietly observe, then I make a decision. I do have a friend that could be considered a conspiracy theorist, but she doesn't realize it. She watches way too many YouTube videos and just believes them. Then goes on a warning rampage and prepares for whatever she heard. A good majority has to do with religion, but not all. She's starting to get more into government conspiracy. She does get made fun of by people. While I don't believe a great portion of what she saw/read/heard, I will never make her feel bad about what she believes. I will give her some other options to consider, so that she doesn't just accept it, but I won't tell her that she is wrong. I don't have proof to say that she is or isn't wrong, nor will I make her feel bad about herself. She is a very strong person, but I have seen her hurt over what people say to her. She isn't a nutcase, but she is a bit gullible. One of the things that she has been doing is stocking up on food/supplies for emergency. While I don't believe her reasoning behind this is very solid, it doesn't hurt to be prepared for emergencies. You never know what life will bring. We could be like Greece one day or she could lose her job and not have money for necessities. She gets laughed at for her supply, but people just may tell her one day that she was smart to do it. I see it as, you just need to be open-minded enough to consider all possibilities, but not enough to believe everything you are told. Being closed-minded will leave one with many regrets in life.

    • I am not close minded I just don't believe that they are also telling the whole truth either

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    • Well, I do believe they exist. As to the motive behind the camps, one can only speculate. The same for the said FEMA trains. I do know that I will not just get on one and/or go to a camp. If some national disaster happens, I will do whatever I have to in order to keep my family safe and I will do it in a secure fashion. I don't easily trust people and I will not put our lives into the hands of strangers. If I have to struggle on my own for a while, so be it. I'm used to it and am prepared to do whatever I may have to. I do believe that the struggles I have endured during my life have better prepared me for whatever may come. I can say with confidence that my kids and I will live longer than many people in the event of disaster/emergency. One never knows when the next Holocaust or war may occur and where. You can never be too prepared. If the ever speculated Zombie apocalypse (lol) occurs, go to Sams, Walmart or Costco! They will have everything you need to last a while. Lol!

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  • They keep Alex Jones alive and give him an income.

    • That is true. I've never even seen an alien much less know someone who as abducted by one

    • Alex Jones never heard a conspiracy theory he didn't love.

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  • A lot of conspiracy theories are false but some are true. I used to watch Jesse Ventura's show and he went through a couple of them. Eventually he ran out of conspiracy theories that were legitimate and I stopped watching. Alex Jones gets very little right but sometimes he sort of gets at the conspiracy which is why he has so many subscribers.

    Imagine a conspiracy theorist as a guy who goes hunting with a minigun. He's bound to hit something even if most of his shots miss.
    Here are just 10 that were proven true. There are many others.

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