GaG, please tell me what you think of this?

Interview with Morgan Freedom... it lasted longer, but this is the segment I want you to discuss.

Do you think he speaks the truth?


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  • I love Morgan Freeman. I would love to sit down with him, have a coffee and just pick his brain. Such a calm, intelligent, voice of reason. I think he's right when he says "put your mind to it and go for that". He and Oprah both came from typical low-income families in the south, and they both made it happen. Many blacks today are hurdling over their roadblocks to get what they want. Many are terrific business people and many are finding fame.

    It's always the same type of people succeeding: the ones who aren't making excuses why they can't go out and do something better.


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  • In America whites still to this day have a bit of a advantage but it very slight. Very slight. Regardless of your race you can be successful.


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  • I think he's wrong. 'Today? No. You and I, we're proof'. Whilst that may be true, the number of black children in poor education, and the unfair job prospects and opportunities they have to deal with shows that it's not just about 'putting your mind to it' and he should know better than to think that trying to do something means you can.

    • How does it explain poor white kids? The point is that it's not a race issue. There are poor whites, Hispanics, blacks -- it's the hamster wheel of poverty and it knows no colour. Blacks who feel that they don't have a fair shake these days can't keep blaming race when they have the ability just like anyone else to persevere. Letters can be written, emails sent, phone calls made - all to help a graduate get further in life. If the school is rotten and kids can't be controlled because the environment is bad - that means the environment is bad.

    • @Ozanne is right.

      The fact that so many young black children are finding it hard to get an education and/or black adults to find a job ISN'T a race issue, it's a SOCIAL issue.

      Just like Ozanne has said, what about the young white kids who can't get an education... what's that all about?

    • If that's what you believe, that's what you believe and nothing I say is going to change that, so do what you want.

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