How would you name disco club if... ?

How would you name your own disco club if you had chance to open one and what kind of music would you roll there?

I would hire dj - roll non commercial rave and also commercial music both of everything, but I do preffer non commercial like rave music.

I would name it Papsito or Paxito.

Some names I like and that are already discos in Zrce (Croatia) : Papaya, Calypso, Noa this are all sick names :D whicho one is your favorite from here?


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  • "Phart Disco"

    i'll play 80s hi-NRG and italo-disco and it'll be called like this coz every night we'll have a competition.. u'll have to pay $2 to join though.. not much...

    cmpetition'd be... whoever releases da loudest smelliest and eggiest fart he/she'll have either a free-drink or a free-12" single!!


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  • Disco Cosmic Power :P

  • i like Club Dope!


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