Hey for those who started college if today was your first day how was it?


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  • It was... interesting. I had two classes today. I go to a small school and my major is pretty small as well. Since I'm the only one who doesn't live on campus, I'm not as close to anyone there. Everyone else in my major are pretty close so I already kind of feel like an outcast.

    For one of my classes, we got in a circle and my professor asked us to select another person to support this semester, I'm the only one no one picked. It was incredibly awkward. So, it kind of felt like high school all over again, despite the fact that I'm a senior in college and will be graduating in May. Lol


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  • it was good thank you! i got lost a lot haha.

    • dont sweat it thats what the first week of actuall school is for

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