When, and if you have children, what are the three lessons you will instill in them?

I have three children, and these are the three things I instilled

1, Respect for self is as crucial as showing respect for others
2, In life you might have many people around you, but you can only truly count on few
3, Your ears are not painted on, use them by listening to all. For anyone, anywhere can say something of real meaning :)


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  • 1. You can be gay, straight, trans, whatever you like. Get a Masters degree or not go to college at all, do whatever you feel you should. And I'll love you and be proud of whatever you choose. But if I ever hear about you bullying a classmate, or taking advantage of a member of the opposite sex, or being rude to good people, then we're going to have a problem.

    2. Never be afraid to come to me or your father with anything. I know we're old, but we love you and we hope you trust us enough to ask for help.

    3. Being kind in a cruel world shows strength, not weakness.


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  • Not in order of how important they are:

    1: Be kind to animals, respect nature and the people who deserve it.
    2: Stand up for your rights, think for yourself, the general opinion isn't always the right one.
    3: Be free spirited and open minded, don't judge an individual based on how they first come off. The world isn't always black and white, don't make yourself the judge of right and wrong.


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  • 1 - Be yourself. Sometimes being yourself may not make you a lot of friends, but for what friends you make, they will be the right ones. That's already more than what most people will ever get in this lifetime.

    2 - Be the master of money, do not let money master you. I mean this in both a business and philosophical sense. When you have money, don't spend most of it on shallow and fruitless things. Make the money work for you, invest, don't just spend. The fools who do not follow this creed often learn a very hard lesson and lose both their sight of what is important in life, and all of their money with it.

    3 - Practice symmetrical logic. It is VERY easy to be a hypocrite, in fact, most people in the world are. Balance yourself, if you are mad at someone, first, examine yourself to see if you are not guilty of the exact same thing.

    Example: If someone rejects you because they are not physically attracted to you, before you insult them and call them shallow, think for a second and see if you ever rejected someone before on the basis of their physical appearance.

    Most people live life through one way mirrors, do NOT be one of these people. These are the kind of people that make the world worse because they are self-blind to the damage they are causing to the world.

  • 1. Don't hand out your trust like it's a pack of gum
    2. Don't make any judgements based on appearance.
    3. Have an open mind and challenge your thought processes often.

  • 1. Have fun
    2. Choose a job which makes u fun
    3. Enjoy

  • 1. Protect each other. You are family.
    2. You got only got two things in this world. God and family.
    3. Most people you encounter are serpents. Only trust a few.

  • Never eat anything bigger than your head.

    Always check to see if there is toilet paper before you poop.

    If you sit down to a hand of cards and don't see any suckers at the table, then it's you.

    • Best life advise ever.

    • @ShaeNielson

      They were carefully chosen. Don't be a slave to your sensual appetites. Plan ahead and be aware of your surroundings particularly when under stress. Learn to assess yourself dispassionately, see yourself as other see you.