Any programmers here or someone who studies computer science?

Question says it all
I'm about to smah this laptop and go kill my CS prof. just saying :D


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  • I program in BBX, VBA and PRO5 ,
    so I doubt I can be any use to you , its more database and MS office related
    so what seems to be the problem?

    • not that I know any of those
      but I'm trying to run a code on java and it doesn't wanna run

    • did so little java, are those scripts you are running for a webpage?

  • CS as in C# as in CSharp? Show me the code.

    • umm not to sound extremely stupid but what are those?

      here's the code:
      import java. util. Scanner;
      public class cartesian {

      public static void main (String[] args) {
      Scanner car= new Scanner (System. in);
      System. out. println ("insert month");
      int month=car. nextInt ();
      System. out. println ("insert day");
      int day=car. nextInt ();
      String horoscope;
      switch (month){
      case 1:horoscope=(day<20)?"Capricon":"Aquarius";break;
      case 2:horoscope=(day<18)?"Aquarius":"picses";break;
      case 3:horoscope=(day<20)?"picses":"Aries";break;
      case 4:horoscope=(day<20)?"Aries":"Taurus";break;
      case 5:horoscope=(day<21)?"Taurus":"Gemini";break;
      case 6:horoscope=(day<21)?"gemini":"cancer";break;
      case 7:horoscope=(day<23)?"cancer":"leo";break;
      case 8:horoscope=(day<23)?"leo":"virgo";break;
      case 9:horoscope=(day<23)?"virgo":"libra";break;
      case 10:horoscope=(day<23)?"libra":"Scorpio";break;
      case 11:horoscope=(day<22)?"scorpio":"Sagittarius";break;
      case 12:horoscope=(day<22)?"Sagittarius":"Capricon";break;

      System. out. print (horoscope);


    • blimey what a mess :D

      so what's the error?

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  • Yes I did a unit in it. If its a slow-loader its probably has a virus depending on the age of the computer.

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    • well,
      1. there could be a million reasons why a computer may be slow
      2. a virus does not necessarily make a computer slower

    • @OnionsNstuff- that is why I mentioned the age, windows may not be installed properly, bad network connection... Numerous reasons, yes.

  • Yeah, I'm doing computer science at uni now

  • i know someone who works in IT
    i can ask him if you want

    • aw no dont go through the hussle it's just a code that doesn;t wanna run

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    • oh ok great :) good luck!

    • thank you :)

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