I see repeatedly Senpai Notice me, Why doesn't Senpai notice me? I hope Senpai will notice me, what's all that about?

I see people laughing at that i know it's something to do with animes but if anyone knows the joke please tell me


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  • Senpai means teacher.

    • "Senpai" is a person who's in a higher grade than you
      a person, who've been in the school a year+ longer.

      kōhai, is the same, but the other way around
      like, a person of a lower grade, who's been in the school
      a shorter time.

      The sentence you referred to, is from Japanese cartoons (anime)
      in which young girls chase after their oh so popular "senpai".

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  • Is a common topic in anime. Main character is in love/admires greatly a senpai (this mean someone doing the same work as you but more experienced. Usually, someone from your school in al older grade). Main character seeks senpai attention and apporvation, thats why they want senpai to notice them... The joke applies when you want someone older/better at something than you/someone you admire to notice you.
    For example, lets say you like Bruce Willis very much, and you send him many tweets... but je does not reply. Eventually you get sad and post a facebook status such as "why senpai does not notices me? 😞"

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