Girls, which guy would you go for?

Guy A is super kind and gentlemanly. He is a romantic, and while he shares many of your interests he is also quite different. Guy A is introverted and often busy; while he enjoys spending time with you he will often decline invitations to go out. He is very organized, and always plans your dates together. He treats you like a princess, and even though he may not always understand you he is always willing to help you out.
This guy has strengths where your weaknesses are, and he is always ready to help you become the best person you can be. However, he can get sensitive if you try and do the same for him.

Guy B is your best friend. He is outgoing and funny, and very sweet. While he may not be the most organized or romantic, he really knows how to entertain you. He is interested in many of the same things as you, and he knows how to cheer you up when you are down. Guy B really understands you. He is always there to help you when you need him.
This guy shares many of the same weaknesses as you. He is willing to work together with you to become stronger in these areas, but it will require a lot of work from both sides to really see a change.

(This is not a real-life situation asking if I should choose one of these men. It's just a curious little question)

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  • i like the both! i think the second one though.


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  • Type B sounds like my husband. So defimitely type b

  • hm... why not both? ;)

  • guy sounds more my type of guy,

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