How can I get a guy to notice me and how to get them to want to date me?

And I am at a football game this Friday so I really need some comments.

An I want to date a guy from a different school then me because I go to a small school and I'm related to half of my school plus half of my town and I'm shy


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  • You don't get him to do it, you only do some things that can increase your chances. Want him to notice you? Talk to him, be with him. Want him to date you? Well, this will depend on how nice and "interesting" you were while being with him.

    • Again I'm shy and I'm not going to know the kid I'm not just going walk up to him and say hey let's walk and talk no that's creepy

    • You're shy, but you're gonna have to deal with it. Never expect people to do what you can do yourself, it doesn't work. I don't mean you will get to him and say: "Hey, let's talk", but you can start talking in many ways. A simple comment about something that's going on can start a nice chat if you know how to manage the situation.

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  • For starters, do you make yourself available to guys you're interested in? Make eye contact, smile? Avoid always being in a huge mess of friends, or walking around with your face in a phone or earbuds in?

  • Where his favorite band logo on your t shirt


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