Religious people how would you explain this?

I was in Israel about 3 years ago and I went to the Wailing Wall (aka Western Wall).
I asked god not for something selfish like my tour guide did (she wanted a boyfriend and got one) but for the world to be a better place.
I prayed (which I've never done before) that god make the world a better place where people can be happier and live in peace.

Ever since then the world has gotten a lot worse. It turned out that when I was in Tel Aviv there was a shooting, luckily I was at a different part of the city but I still heard it.

About a month ago when I was searching for a job I came across a job where I would be selling air conditioning and furnaces and part of the job was getting inside people's homes to inspect their equipment and tell them which equipment they should buy. On one such occasion I entered a house and it was a religous Christian family. One thing the woman said really struck me was that the actions commited by Daesh and the conflict in Ukraine were a sign that Jesus would be coming soon.

Now I'm an atheist but I'm open to the idea of me being wrong but what kind of a god would make humanity suffer so much and do the exact opposite of what I asked for?


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  • how old are you btw? what can I say is... you're still searching for the peace and calmness. Everything in this world is just a temporary thing for us, it's a test. I'll pray for you to find the answer and finally find your peaceful mind

    • I'm 19 don't know how that's relevant though.
      Thank you for your kind words.

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  • You see, the world isn't going to get better after your one and only prayer. We live in a world that is only going to get worse. You can't ask Christians to explain why he hasn't listened to your prayers because frankly, no one has the answer to that but God himself.


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