I don't see the purpose of having a platonic friendship with a woman. Anyone else feel this way?

I just don't see it. Not knocking any other guy for having one, I just can't. I don't see any good reason to have one.


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  • I value your honesty :) I wish more guys would follow suit instead of faking a friendship in hopes of one day sleeping with a girl.

    • That's why 98% of the guys on here that defend women fiercely are defending women. They act like they're pro women in hopes of possibly getting laid.

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    • @Asker, but why would they defend women online? they won't get anything out of it.

    • That's a question for them vampire

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  • I love my female friends. To me everyone can be a potential friend, why the fuck should gender play a role?

    • I just don't think its for me

    • More power to you though

    • Fair enough. Truth be told, I'm friends with them because I do find other people interesting but it only works with women because I am the friendshipzone king, and have just embraced that. Hopefully you don't have that problem.

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  • Sometimes I feel the same way.

  • I think you can have one... I actually have many male friends that I never had even one sexual thought ;)


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  • Do you see value in them with men?

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