How do I repay the guy that's helping me with my depression?

My best guy friend is helping me with my depression. He knows my entire story and has helped me over the past few months. I happen to like him but that's besides the point. I'm leaving for college at the end of this week and we are basically ending our journey with getting rid of the razors I use to self harm. For the past two years I haven't had the strength to throw them away and he's helping me do it one razor at a time. We are throwing the last two away the day before I leave and I want to give him something. I'll never be able to repay him for what he's done for me but I just feel like I need to give him something to show that what he's done means the world to me. Any ideas on what I should do?

Also, would writing him a letter be a good or bad idea?


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  • Just tell him exactly what you just told us. That will better than any other gift you could give him. He will deeply appreciate that.

    I know you'd like to also give something else. I think it can be any type of token to show your appreciation. It does not have to be anything fancy or expensive. In your case it is most definitely the thought that counts.


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  • A kiss on the cheek, with a picture capturing the moment !
    It'll last him a lifetime ! As long as your not using a phone to take the pic !

    Good on ya' , for being so thoughtful ~

  • I agree with all there ideas :)

  • I'm not a that guy but I did basically the same thing for a female friend and all I wanted was for Her to be happy and healthy and maby do the same thing I did to her for another person


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