Women, why does it seem like guys who've had at the least little to moderate success in the dating game are more likely to be pro women than?

Guys who aren't? With the exception of gay guys, Men who have had at least little to moderately successful in the dating game, guys who have hardly ever or never been treated badly by women in life are ironically pro woman? Also guys who have experienced little to no rejection are most likely pro woman too. And guys who have experienced a lot of rejection but not to the point where it started having a negative effect on them are pro woman. Why don't men like this admit this? Why does it seem like women aren't aware of this? Can a guy who's had at least little to moderate success and higher in the dating game honestly say that they would be pro woman if they were completely unsuccessful?


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  • Because rejection stings so if you get rejected all the time it makes you bitter. If you're constantly getting rejected though you need to point the finger back at yourself. See what you we doing wrong and change it.

    If you aren't "pro women" most chicks can sense this and no one wants to date a man with blanket hatred towards women in general.

    • Not all the time. What if the person is just morbidly unattractive? You can't change the way your face looks unless you have money or access to money where you can get plastic surgery.

    • For every ugly man there is an ugly woman.

    • Not really with the guys who aren't lowering standards for casual sex with a morbidly ugly in the face woman. I remember this girl in school once who had extremely crooked teeth and was extremely ugly. But she had a body of a goddess and she was getting just as much male attention as a woman with all around good looks

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  • They've had positive experiences. They're aren't enough negative ones to complain about.

    And I don't think they'd so readily say that, not to suggest that unsuccessful guys are outright misogynistic, it's just that guys will good experiences have nothing to be mad about.

    • Plus positive experiences bolster confidence let people understand what they need to do to succeed. It's a slippery slope.

    • Yea but on here guys act like they are being shut down by women all the time every time but still remaining pro woman and blast guys for being frustrated at their struggles in the dating game.

    • More specifically I should say positive early experiences. Early experiences are the formative ones that set the tone. Really it just comes down to if you're happy then nothing *feels* wrong.

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  • Due to real-world experience! Just like how an experienced professional can perform better than a college graduate with the SAME task.

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