Are any of you guys here experienced with renting an apartment?

i'm currently living in a section 8 apartment complex while working a part time job.

but i'm planning on letting all of this go once i fixed some severe sleep disorder i been having for quite some time now. i feel like i need to better my life once and for all so when i do fix this problem i have i was planning on working a state job while continuing with school. i was also planning on going out and fetching for a real apartment to live in. but i dont know how this works, do i have to pay that next apartment's owner the rent money and he/she will let me live in it right away? or does it take a whole different process?

i also want to know how long the people who own the section 8 apartment i currently live would give me in order to move out, by law.


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  • You DO realize that property laws and customs differ from country to country, right? Mention your country ( and if possible, state) for better answers. Even I don't know what section 8 apartment complex is.


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  • Yes I have, but I don't know what section 8 apartment is. It's probably specific to the US (or whichever country you're stayting in).

    • it is, is basically a organization that helps people with low income find a good home and whatever. but i'm trying to get out of this and step my game up already