Does my dream mean anything?

So I had a regular conversation with a friend about school and regular bs before I slept so while I'm sleeping I start dreaming. the setting is in my room and I'm laying on the floor with somebody or like two other people I'm sleeping. TThere's blankets on the floor and I wake up but whoever is next to me is still sleep I go to the bathroom and I had a drink afterwards. When I come back to my room I'm watching an old game with Michael Jordan and he dunks from like half court. and I'm like daaamn that was sick but at the same time this is when my mind finally shows me it's one person who I was with and it was my ex girlfriend. When I said damn she was saying she knows her butt is big but not that big and said I act like I've never seen her undressed before. Right now she's in a relationship but in the dream she's with me in my room I know I liked it because afterwards I got closer to her , I was smiling really hard I just wanted to talk to her and be in her presence. But we did start kissing and all that but in my mind I started to recollect that she isn't my girlfriend and I haven't seen. her for about maybe a month but but before that it was a year or two. She's also engaged I thinkthink but my dream put an idea in my head after I woke up which was about like twenty minutes ago is that she is mine. I want her and I love her she's put me through a lot of bs with heartbreak but I don't care anymore but then again fuck it I've liked other girls after my ex and they took my mind off her for awhile but then my mind always goes straight back to her and I know with all my heart she feels the same. My dream makes me want to see her right now like idc before I wanted to respect her relationship but I'm human I want what I want that will make me happy. I can't be courteous to others and spare my feelings right?

Whats my dream telling me?


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  • i think you just had a random dream... i get them a lot with my ex. It used to be me leaving my boyfriend for him but recently its like i am torn between the 2 of them. I think in my mind I was realizing I had idealized my past relationship and realistically i was happiest with my current partner.

    • a random about someone who was once important and had an impact on my life?

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    • dreams pop up mainly when we are feeling insecure and looking for something. If you are feeling lonely she may pop up. not because it is her, but because she is a person who you have been around intimately. Dreams are our subconscious. Have you told her you still love her?

    • I'm not looking for anything and I'm not lonely I just had a dream and I think/thought that it meant something that I dream of my ex who I haven't seen in a while. I haven't thought of her either I've been doing my own thing. And nope I haven't told her I still love her I want to but I don't think I should

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