What has changed the world more 9/11 or 11/9?

It's something I have been wondering for a very long time but haven't asked yet.

Attack on the WTC or the fall of the Berlin wall?


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  • technically isn't da same thing?

    9/11 is 11/9 and vice versa...9/11 is da American way to say "11/9"... but since "9/11" eventshappened within da US area i'd say 9/11 changed da world more

    generally there's a confusion about date formats... check here how date formats r phrased worldwide:


    basically everywhere xcept cyan areas (where's it strictly DMY) it could be phrased as 9/11 as well...

    • I understand the confucing about the date

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    • actually only americans use xclusively MDY

      it can be used in Canada, philippines and saudi arabia from wot i see... but not xclusively

    • thanks... :)

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  • I would say 9/11 more than 11/9 just because the fall of the wall was already preceded by many things that had already hinted at the fall of the Soviets, the wall was just a very very attention grabbing way that demonstrated it.

    9/11, at least the one you're speaking of, we haven't yet seen the full repercussions of the event and the actions taken by all sides that followed.

    If you meant the other 9/11 then I say 11/9 probably in terms of effect on the world but the other 9/11 was still very very devastating for the locality it happened in. by the way the other 9/11 I'm talking of here is the coup and killing of Salvadore Allende and Pinochet gaining power.

  • What is 11/9

    • The fall of the Berlin Wall

    • @lifes_curve_ball thanks Bro
      @asker then I would say 9/11 it got of bad and good things after it

    • No prob bro. Also most nobody realizes that 9/11 in Chile was for the longest time (and may still be for some people there, I'm not from there so idk) not the 9/11 we all think of but when the coup happened that had Pinochet come to power and the elected president Salvadore Allende killed.