Are there any female MRA's on here?

If there is, why do you defend them?


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  • im not an mra but I do agree with what they stand for. mras simply want equality for men and women. feminist actively fight against equality of the genders and fight for extra rights for men. as we stand women have more rights than men in the western world.


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  • Me. When it comes to the whole feminists and make stuff, I usually pick sides with the guy. Females try to victimize themselves in every way they can by pulling out outrageous statistics at random times and their arguments are like circles, they have no point. I don't know, I prefer how things used to be with the whole women are supposed to be classy have morals while the guys are more the leadership role. But, yeah.


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  • Feminism is the greatest evil of our time, it will only be defeated when both men and women realise it has to be destroyed.

    • Naaa, consumerism has got it beat by a country mile.

    • Consumerism is possible once you've destroyed family and the moral system. You need feminism to destroy family. Once you've destroyed family, it's all over for society.

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  • tbh I thought MRA was some sort of survival food given to soldiers haha.
    I don't know if I do - But i'm not a feminist either.
    I'm a... equalinist... or something bahaha.

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