Do you think young black men have it the hardest in terms of being successful in life?

Well all know the history of black culture, especially if you are American.. Although these acts of savagery against the minority is common all over the world. But if we were to divide this into guy and girl groups from black men vs white men, young black men vs young white men, or even young black men vs young black women the divide in young black men seem to be exponentially bigger. Unfortunatly, I have encoutered and endured this all of my life. It was easier as a child and a teen, because you are still under your parents care, and you dont think much about the negative side of the world. All you focus on is studies, having friends, and enjoying your time with your friends. The real world has unfortunatly hit me really hard after highschool. I did my first year of uni and barely passed (had to redo some modules). These studies were difficult but I eventually finished. The only problem is it being too expensive. I could not sit by and watch my mom hope for me to pass my second year for 10,000£. Since then I have been working, sometimes in some of the worst conditions you could think of. I just had an interview today as work experience for a high street chain that serves foods, coffee, and cakes. I felt like I put my all into it. I was never standing around not doing anything. I found out later that day that I did not get the job. She said I had lacked passion, (although it was clear because i was always busy), did not smile enough (even though everyone i know, will know me because of my smile) and not taking the iniative (which is a joke because I initated verbal talks with the team members, some were more quiet than me.. Which got me thinking as to how did they get the job but I couldnt.). Being in the office while her telling me this, I let out a smile, to which she said "yes now you're smiling". I feel like she treated me like an idiot. As if I had not smiled once during the experience, talking and making jokes with team members. I just feel its me against the whole world, and no matter how hard or engaged I am in the act, I get comments suggesting im this "angry young black man". This work experience has really riled me up, and everytime the feeling that " I can't succeed " brings me down, which leads to me having a negative outlook on the world and living life as a black man. End

Did not mean for it to be this long, maybe I should have made a mytake for once


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  • No. Your life is what you make it out to be. Black people have it easy compared to other races that are struggling. Look at the Chinese , Indian , etc people who come here without a citizenship but work their way up.

    Black people need to stop bitching and to stop complaining that everyone is out to get them. They need to stop expecting things to be handed to them and actually get off their ass and get a job

    • Although I get what you mean, you being non black will never understand and see through our eyes. Black men do have if the hardest, more so than indian and chinese. There are many reports that will exploit this issue which I think you should read on. Im a hardworking, intelligent, good looking black man, yet I am still categorized as one of "those" young black men. This is the issue I am talking about

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