Did upgrading the free windows 10 crash your computer?

I hear a lot of HP User computers have crashed. I reserved a spot, but I haven't upgraded yet. Even my teachers computer just crashed.

  • Yes it crashed my computer.
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  • It did not crash my computer. It actually sped things up.
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  • It did not crash my computer, but it slowed things down.
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  • I didn't take the risk of updating it.
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  • My computer wasn't compatible to update it.
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  • Unfortunately, I dont even have a computer.
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  • I didn't try upgrading for free. I actually purchased it.
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  • Rule number one.

    Never download a new released software for anything until at least 6 months. It was the same with google chrome when it first came out.

    • Lol thanks for the warning. Glad I didn't install yet

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    • You will have a very long wait ahead of you because they will never recreate XP or 7.

    • @Red_Arrow I am aware of that, however, they may go back to the way XP/7 operates one day. Most people that use the computer for anything other than casual web surfing agree XP and 7 were the best OS they made.

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  • It would not be a particular brand that is having more trouble. Most of the parts in a HP computer and the software on a HP computer are no different to a Toshiba, Dell, Asus or any other brand. Therefore, I would think there would be just as many other brands of computers with the same problem. Just saying. Also any new windows has bugs when it is this new until they sort them out. I am not on windows anymore because windows just gives too many problems. :)

    • Lol well whats your alternative to windows. Like what are you using?

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    • @Johnyk well lets put it this way. The last windows I had was windows 7 and I was just having constant problems with it. It had been into be fixed and it did not solve the problem. The computer itself was starting to physically fall apart to, like the case etc so I decided enough is enough and brought a Mac with OSX and all my problems just went away. Macs are so much more user friendly to.

    • Anyway, I installed the operating system on an SSD (rather than hard disk), so, it boots up in seconds. I it back up to another hard disk using Clonezilla in a flash drive (that takes hardly 15-20 minutes to get everything back working, regardless of whatever crashes)

  • I upgraded my desktop to Windows 10 about three weeks ago. Haven't had any issues so far, and my computer works more swiftly ans efficiently than it did on 8.1.

    • The only thing I had to do was re-load my audio drivers, but that was all.

  • I never bothered about Windows unless for writing reports in word or excel. I use free Linux distributions like Ubuntu, and it's so much stabler (no virus, no corrupt files, no crashing etc.)

    • Okay I should check that out

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    • You're welcome. You can message me if you need help. I had worked part time as a computer tech in school.

    • 100% agree. I need Mac for music production but besides that I recommend Linux to everyone.

  • Windows 7 works fine for me. I will wait awhile, as the new Windows 8 interface sucked big time. The idiots at MS for some reason thought people wanted to work on their desktop with the same interface as their phone. Hello idiots, the reason the phone has that interface is the tiny screen!

  • for some strange reason my pc booted 10 seconds slower than my laptop in windows 8.1. using the same ssd and the same operating system, allthough my pc is so many times better, hardware wise.

    since windows 10 it boots in 15 seconds as well :)

    • Well it doesn't sound bad or good. Lol I don't know what to think of this

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    • Newer Windows distributions usually get larger and larger. So, it probably takes more time to load more things from hard disk on to the RAM while booting up.

    • @Johnyk yeah i know. that´s why i set up my pc new but still 30 sec boot time in win 8.1

      don´t know why.

  • It made it so I can't use some touchpad gestures but other than that I haven't noticed any problems.

    • That still seems messed up

    • Yeah it is but I'm too lazy to switch back to Windows 8. Plus 8 sucks balls.

  • Did it do any good?
    Is it any better than Windows 7?

    • I didn't install it yet. Im scared my computer may crash

  • Option H: I use Mac and Linux.

  • I use mainly only HP products. I have had windows 10 for months it will not crash your computer if you download it. The OS is pretty well polished and shouldn't give you any issues

    • Oh wow. Now Im not sure what to do. Lol

    • If it were not tested as well as it was for almost a year prior to its release you would hear me saying what others are saying which is let someone else find the bugs. However, I have been using it through most the public testing that windows was allowing insiders to use. The system is stable as an OS and you should have zero problems with it. There should not be any driver or software conflicts on your system. Don't let the other users scare you there is no reason that you can't upgrade it now. If you have any questions or problems I can help you with them so that will ease your fears a little.

    • Aww thank youuu!! 😁

  • I haven't updated yet. I don't know if I should or not. I'm scared XD

    • Lol i haven't heard anything good so far. I dont think you should. Like someone else said, this is basically a trial. I wouldn't trust it

    • I won't then.

  • after reading about all the shit that is happening there is no way im taking that offer.

    • Lol same here. I thinks its best to not install. I haven't even had my laptop for a year yet. Im not ready to loose it this soon

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