Why do guys stop givining me attention? it went from getting a lot to getting nothing?

i know this shouldn't matter, but i have hard problems adapting to it and its getting a bit too much at this point.

im not supermodel and i know, or belive that i can't have the super great guys, and im fine with it, i just want a sweet, cute guys who respct med and who can make me laugh etc. Just a "normal" guys.

But after i moved i lost any confidence i had when it came to guys and dating. In my home town i would get "average amout" of attention from guys.. When i moved to the city i was before this one i got a lot of attention, but when i moved to the city im currently living in i feel completely ignored by guys. The only guys that doesn't ignor me are my guy friends, people i work with any guy that "has to" talk to me because he's lost and csnt find a certain place, or because he's a friend of my friend etc.

Like i said, it shouldn't matter, but i went from getting a lot of attention to barely getting any.. If i was used to not getting attention it wouldn't bother me, but i went from 100 to 0 really quick,,

How do i deal with this?


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  • do you act depressed or anything?

    • Well because I dont really get attention and because im a bit stressed atm I feel less good about myself, but I dont know if it makes me or makes me look depressed

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  • Might be a confidence issue - New area maybe a bit shyer - Give it time and whatever you had before will come back - Maybe forget about it for a while, overthinking it may lead to stress and cause more of it, it becomes a viscious circle. Best advice I can give is relax.


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