Girls you are the root of all my problems?

How many of you are sick of hearing, mainly guys, blaming the opposite sex for their problems or issues?

I have spoken with a lot of users on here, both guys and girls, and there seems to be a common theme to what the guys are saying. It is that they didn't used to be like they are now, whether it be jaded or angry. The tipping point for their changing of their personality is because a girl happened to turn them down or tell them they weren't good enough. I say it's time to get over it.

So guys do you feel like you have been negatively affected a woman? If so, what has changed in your personality for better or worse since that time?

Ladies, doesn't it bother you that guys are blaming an entire sex for their emotional problems? When they could be working on making themselves a better person instead of wollowing in self-pity.

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  • I'm a girl and wish guys would get over it
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I agree, the wallowing in self pity is pathetic.

    As if no other human being regardless of gender has ever been treated like shit by the gender they fancied.

    Boo fucking hoo. Get over yourselves, we all got a kick in the teeth at some point.

    Being a defeatist isn't gonna make your life easier.

    • Well said :) I agree with you. Everyone will be wronged by someone at some point but doesn't mean that all people are bad.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I remember years ago moaning to my dad about all these "issues" that were going on in my life and he said "What was the common theme in all these issues?" I thought about it and said "I was" then my dad said "Well then maybe that should be the first place to look to try and fix it ".

    • KDA20 Exactly! That was a perfect example. Clearly you get it and this question was not aimed at you. I am hoping that the fact the ladies are choosing 'C' in the poll that it might cause some of the guys to wake up.

    • Thanks for MHG

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What Girls Said 9

  • Meh. I don't really care all that much to be honest. It's sad but there's nothing I can do. Nothing I can say will change how they view women. Only they can get rid of that bitterness, hatred and insecurity. It's up to them to change that, not me. And as long as they're bitter and angry, I will avoid them. I don't want to be affected and I don't want to associate myself with people like that.

    • This right here is what I want them to see. They wonder why they can't get a girl and it has to do with their attitude preventing that. :D

  • I hope that it's just a few guys who feel that way. It makes me sad that they don't realize that all girls are not the same. I also mostly believe that people treat you the way you let them.
    I also wonder if these kinds of guys are looking in entirely the wrong situations for women. "I keep hitting on girls at the clubs but npn

    • I don't know but apparently it is worse than I thought. After talking with some girls on here that are getting sick of the guys playing the victim I wonder whatever happened to taking responsibility for your own actions. Thanks for answering Belle and Belle's eye :D

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    • Lol I've got my eye on you!

    • Exactly!!! Or they get offended when she rejects them. Did they ever think she might have just went through a bad breakup or not in the mood to date at that time? Not every reason a girl says no has to do with the guy :D Hahah!!! What a pretty eye I have on me lol

  • Yeah, instead of increasing the hatred or the bitterness in their heart, they should focus on developing or improving themselves. Focus on themselves, you know?

    Same goes for some girls who do that.

    • I agree. I was talking with one of the users on here and I am like enough is enough. I see post where guys blaming women for whatever and I am sick of it. You ladies are great. They are taking their insecurities and looking for someone to blame other than themselves. You are right some girls do this too. You are such a wise young lady :D

    • Ikr? I hope they let go of these negative thoughts about opposite gender.

      Haha, thank you! :D You are wise yourself.

  • I dislike most people equality no one of any gender should flatter themselves.

  • I don't recall causing problems for men. 😐

    • You are so nice I don't see how you cause problems for anyone lol

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    • That is the point I am trying to make and apparently some still are not getting it or they are getting offended lol

    • Lol that's messed up.

  • "I say its time to get over it"

    I hope you get laid tonight

  • people need to take responsibility for themselves.

  • I'm a girl and think guys have it hard as do women but in different ways. Dating in general is hard. Sometimes it can feel like getting lunch in the boob or ands a few times a year. But you have to let go of the baggage the best you can when you let someone new into your life or you're just assuring that you will end up getting punched in the emotional balls again because the relationship will never get off the ground. I just had a relationship end with a man I was crazy about because he wouldn't let me in and I thought he didn't like me as a result of his distance. Only to discover he did like me but just wasn't willing to take a chance on really getting hurt preferring substantial hurt in the short term by giving up at the first fight. If he would have let me in I would have done anything for him. Seeing him hurt was the worst thing ever. Knowing he was hurting to be losing me but that there is nothing I can do because he is t willing to be an active participant in our relationship tore my guts out. I can't help him save himself and. I fear it is just going to happen to him again in his next relationship. I truly care about him so it eats me up but I know for my own sake I have to move on. I can't force him to realize any of this.

  • People need to realize that they are the cause of their own problems, not anyone else

    • Exactly!! They need to face up to the problems instead of looking for a scapegoat

What Guys Said 12

  • Yeah, I wish people would realize, that the only
    opinion that really matters, is that of him/herself.

    If someone just so happen to not fancy you
    or perhaps they don't like your attitude or whatever..

    Then that person is not for you.. which means
    they shouldn't have any influence on you.

    But oh well. life's life, and people
    enjoy playing the victim.

    • You said so much on those last two lines, "people enjoy playing the victim"

  • The things on their chest have magical powers that drive men crazy.

    • Only the men who do not have any self-control

  • Noone is to blame but themselves

    • Wise words my friend :D

  • I haven't been negatively affected by anyone. I just don't let other get involved with my life. I really doubt if an entire gender can cause problems for one person.

  • I had problems but I was partly at fault: 50/50

  • What about when women get burned and they call all guys assholes?

    • Using a figure of speech like that is much different than blaming all women for their problems or saying that girls won't give me the time of day when in reality it is their attitude stopping them from being successful with women.

    • I think your just trying to pay favoritism for one gender, to get a positive reception from THEM AND being sexist to your own gender by throwing them other the bus.

    • That's absurd considering my validation or self-esteem does not come from others. It is not sexist when you are pointing out that the problem is within them and if they get over it the luck with the ladies will change. If you would notice I might actually have a very valid point considering at the moment all the girls have selected option 'C"

  • disregard females acquire currency
    Yes I have been affected, but it's made me stronger
    Now that bitterness isn't there but my brain is and I am smart enough now where I won't trust just any girl that's for sure

    • What do you mean by disregard females acquire currency?

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    • @Roostah being a broke musician does not have a positive social status. You are the one that just before this said "Tony Soprano ~ Get the money ----> Get the power ----> Get the bitches." A broke musician has none of that. And what you are saying still doesn't explain the unemployed guys in relationships

    • What I was trying to say was
      Don't get caught up with girls and focus on my career 😄

  • I'm just sick of being battered constantly!
    Not just here, but from everywhere.
    It's like someone is on a mission to destroy all evil, and apparently men are it.
    I'm guilt tripped, accused, belittled, and generally verbally abused, in everything I do, and everything I don't.

    You may think I sound paranoid, but if I had a dollar for every time I was called rapist, pedophile, creeper, misogynist, loser, unattractive, having a small dick etc. etc, ONLY because I'm a guy, and/or have a different opinion, and/or dare to ask a questions that challenge popular beliefs by thinking outside the box, I could buy America, Europe, and at least half of Russia.

    I'd be lying if I said I hadn't lashed out every now and again.

    • No one should be calling anyone names. Period. It has nothing to do with someone being a guy it has to do with a warped perception of what is really going on here.

  • pussy saves lives!

  • Yawn, white knighting never gets old, does it?

    I have a very negative view of women in general. However, I also have a very negative view of men in general. The truth is, there really aren't that many genuinely good and kind people in the world.

    Most men do NOT have the support network women have--when a man has a problem, he's on his own. I think a lot of guys build a fantasy in their head of a woman finally being someone who will love and support them, to be someone who will treat them with kindness.

    But then the reality that people are typically selfish and passively good/evil (most people are simply just coasting through life) hits them, and the reality that women *are people* becomes bitterly disappointing, because the bitter loneliness and lack of love and support becomes intensified when they realize that they are truly alone.

    I think men "blame women for their problems" not because they actually think women are the root of the problem, but 1) because they don't have the words to adequately express how they feel and 2) because women turned out to be disappointing because they didn't live up to the fantasy those men hoped for. Remember, it was women those men were turning to for the hope of compassion and love, but it is exactly there that their hopes were dashed.

    I agree that wallowing in self-pity doesn't solve their problems, and that they shouldn't project their fantasies onto people, and that they need to accept and get in tune with reality. But getting on here and white knighting and bashing these men doesn't solve the problem now, does it? All it does is make YOU feel good for stirring up women to be on your side.

    I've been treated terribly, but I've come to accept that behavior as simply human behavior, not exclusively female, and I've learned that I am the sole source of my success and comfort. Just one example of how I was treated: a woman publicly humiliated me for asking her out -- and she was someone I had confided in. I had been in tears when my sister was raped. And because "I was a pathetic excuse for a man," she saw fit to trumpet my tears (the reason for which was known to her) in public.

    It would be very easy to remain bitter and blame women for my problems, but it solves nothing. Again, we're in agreement there. But don't bash the men who haven't been able to adjust as well. It's pathetic behavior.

    • This has absolutely nothing to do with me feeling better. I am very happy and secure in myself. I have been getting girls on here saying they are getting tired of guys always saying there is nothing wrong with me but girls don't this or that. I agree with what you are saying for the most part humans will be humans. But I am hoping that some of them see the results and what the ladies and writing as opinions, so they can see the error in their skewed views.

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    • My advice is fine. I did not do it for the women. The guys are buried in their thoughts and emotions blaming the wrong people for their problems or lack of success with the opposite sex. As I said before the guy is the only constant.

    • There are outliers in any situation and I cannot cover them all in a question. Which is why I phrased my question the why I did and then I chat with the opinions of others as they come in to get a better idea of their situation because each is unique.

  • LMAO!!! I love this and the voting is perfect.

    • Glad you are enjoying yourself :D

  • I have been affected negatively by a woman before, im sure every single human being has experienced this at least once in their lifetime. and it has had potential to change me of course, now in my case did it change me? yes. for better or worse? that is up to the people around me to judge.

    • I appreciate your honesty. Thank you. Me personally I can't say that I have been affected by it but maybe it's because my outlook is different. I'm not quite sure though.