Why are most British Women so Feminist?

I see Feminists in many countries, but England seems to be on a whole new level, they act like hitting a Woman is the worst crime ever while when a Man gets hit, they don't make a big deal out of it. I have seen some Americans do that as well, but i don't recall them to be as extreme as the British. What do you think?


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  • I have visited England, have some mates from there and I live here in the US. First let me just say that yes American feminists are just as radical as the Brits. There is a whole movement endorsed by President Obama saying that hitting a woman for any reason is wrong. They then turn around and laugh at men who get hit saying "they deserved it" which by the way is the same thing wife beaters say.


    Americans/Canadians/British are the most radical because those movements began in those countries. Even today all the feminist heroes that are mimicked come from one of those countries typically US. That is also where there power bases are. Where all the organizations that lobby their biased agenda started there, and are HQed there.

    The only real difference I noticed is here in the US more people are just kind of "yea I'm a feminist" they don't really KNOW what it means or what the movement stands for. They are just like "OMG Taylor Swift and Emma Watson think that so I will too!" There are fewer percentage of women that are hardcore. Whereas in England and Canada it is less about doing it because the pop princesses are and more about doing it because you believe in it. Much higher percentages of "true believers" so to speak than in the US. But make no mistake those that are, are just as radical.


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  • I think a lot depends where you are from - It seems more prevalent in your own country and the focus of the media is on UK/US cultural issues because they are the main dynamics in that area.