Is she going stay mad with me like.. forever?

Basicly we went 3 weeks relationship but went too fast.. We barely meet each other. We stoped talking for 1 week and start talking again. Then the conversation went a bit 'dead'.. Today i send her a text with things based on her sign + numerology just to know her better and understand her, she said few words of things that i got corrected and then i asked what's going on, i made her tell me what's really going on because i didn't knew would generate this. She said don't talk things that you don't know. She got pissed off and i hope we make peace.. Wasn't my intention that she stay mad at me, i didn't want to that.. I just used her sign + numerology but not the personality.. When i noticed i shouldn't send her the text with the things based on sign + numerology i said this to her:

Like.. If it was due to hit as you are I'm so sorry from my heart, what I wanted with it was to know you better.. I did not wanted you stay angry with me.. I do not want that..

Second when I say to trust me and tell me what's going on is because i would want you have a lot of confidence in me.. I do not wanna put me in your personal life or anything..

Third.. If I'm bothering just tell me.. I will understand.. And only will answer when commandest message..

And this just apologize.. It was not my intention to do so.. I'm sorry and i will not doing it again.. And i will leave you alone... I'm so sorry from the bottom of my heart.. I hope you forgive me and understand.. If you have any question you wanna know tell me... I'm really sorry ...

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  • Wow so short and so much drama. It's only been a few weeks. End it


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