Anyone ever offered to teach you something so they could learn English?

I posted on a linked in SQL forum asking how to solve a problem I was having installing a vertion of SQL and that I was trying to teach myself. Someone asked to connect on linked in offering to teach me SQL so they could Improve there English (hopfully there ok with just spoken as i'm dyslexic and my spelling and gramer are awful). I looked the company there profile says they work up and the companys real but dosn't seem to be on linkedin and the profile seems to be of a real person as I found a facebook and google acount and the detailes match up.
They surjested useing teamviewer so they could see the querys I was wrighting and results in my vertion of microsoft SQL teamviewer is a microsoft program but its "remote control/remote access software" so I said no and used show screen option in Skype. I skyped them recently there English is good enough that I can tell what they mean and there SQL knolage is very good from what I can tell with my limited knolage of it.
I'm still suspicious though as they contacted me ofering to teach me for free and they surgested remote control/remote access software and though there profile matches with other online presance I dont know for sure that its not someone pretending to be that person. If there company was on linked in I could see if there profiles listed as beeing an employee.


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  • Someone offered teach me Arabic in return.

    I declined because I just don't know how to teach a language.


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  • that sounds very strange.


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