Who does god speak to so many republican candidates?

Darrell Trigg of Tennessee is the latest candidate to say God told him to run for president. At least 3 other republican candidates have stated God spoke to them and told them to run for president. Does God hate democrats or he just loves republicans more?

  • God hates all democrats and independents
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  • God just has a special place in his/her? heart for republicans
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  • God loves fossil fuels
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  • God loves war/killing brown people
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  • Some may say I am cynical but I think the large christian vote may have something to do with it.


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  • Most of them do not hear directly from God - instead they feel inspired by the idea of God and this inspiration drives their actions. This is why two people can both say God sent them and neither of them are right.


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  • They do it to appeal to the evangelical vote. The evangelicals can sway the primaries, so most candidates cater to them with ridiculous statements and social positions.

  • they are just more religious than democrats are,

    • Of course. Do you think that's good and do you believe they are genuine when they tell us God told them to run for president?

    • i don't care if they are religious or not, no i don't believe they are actually talking to god, if they are they should be thrown into an asylum because they are crazy as hell.

    • Good comment. I agree.

  • God loves fossil fuels of course.

    • Strip mining is exactly what Jesus would want! Great answer

  • God loves crazy people.

    • Sure seems that way huh

  • God has a really sick sense of humor. You must have noticed.

    • He is quite the character.

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