Democratic vote?

If you were a democrat and Joe Biden was running, who would you vote for: Joe Biden Bernie sanders, or Hillary Clinton?

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  • Hellary Clinton
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  • Other democrat/not American
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lol I fucked up but in a great way.


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  • I'm not Democrat, but here's my ranked list of everyone mentioned in this post:

    #1- Joe Biden
    #2- Hillary Clinton
    #3- Donald Trump
    #4- Bernie Sanders


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What Girls Said 1

  • I like to Bernie sanders elected. But without big money behind him I doubt he will l.
    Between Hillary and Biden it's a toss up.

    • Even though he supports inequality of the classes?

    • Sanders? His whole platform is about class equality. In fact all democratic candidates support that

    • Taxing one class at a higher rate than the other is the opposite of equality. Taxing a class at another rate could be potentially catastrophic for the economy and will encourage hoarding more money. What will the government spend this money on anyway? No one knows. It also Can encourage the rich moving money or them and their businesses over to other countries, taking away jobs and the money from the taxes that they would pay. This is all in case of if it could happen, thankfully it's very slim to happen since there could be a lawsuit against the government for favoring one class over the other.

What Guys Said 7

  • I don't know, I don't really believe in rules and government and all that, or at least I choose not to participate in the whole charade. My girlfriend usually tries to force me to vote, haha. I voted for Obama the first time, just because it was high time we broke the streak of white dudes. I didn't vote in '12. Now she wants me to vote for Hillary Clinton, but she likes Bernie Sanders better, she just thinks it's a wasted vote because he won't win. Honestly, I've lived through three different presidents in my adult life and I have yet to see my life change one bit as a result of any of them. Inalmost want to see Trump win, just because it would be entertaining as fuck. I mean he's racist and sexist and I honestly have no idea what he or any other candidate stands for, but I like that he makes people uncomfortable and says outrageous shit, whether I agree with it or not. Like with George W Bush, I strongly disagree with most of what he stood for, but it was awesome to watch his clumsy speeches and idiotic statements and the general dumb look on his face. That's entertainment. I make the laws for my life, no one else, so it's irrelevant who's in power to me. Taxes are a cost of doing business to live in a comfortable place. I don't complain or celebrate when they go up or down, and I don't even want to know what they pay for, it'll only upset me. Some people bitch about it going to welfare, if I have a complaint it's that I pay for public schools for kids I don't and will never have, but whatever, I pay even more for wars I don't give a fuck about either. I live in the nation of WhiteSteve-onia, and its borders are the ten foot circle surrounding wherever I'm standing at that moment.

  • Diffidently Bernie Sanders, he's the only candidate not back by big money. OMG Hellary Clinton, It's one thing Hilary Clinton has to fight Bernie Sanders and possibly Joe Biden, now now Hilary also has to fight Hellary Clinton, man she has her work cut out for her to keep her position as Democratic front runner.


  • I messed up your poll I didn't see non American part of Other so move one male from Bernie Sanders to Other.

  • i love a guy named jim webb

  • I like to hellary clinton

  • Trump makes all the other candidates look like jokers.

    Trump 2016!