What do I say to my mom?

so tonight my mom came home from work and my boyfriend and i were having sex. that was my first time. when she walked in she told us to leave and that she would pick me up after school tomarrow. im staying with my boyfriend at his house his parents dont care but i dont know what to do about my mom


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  • What kinda mom is she

    • she's a single mom and she had me when she was 17 but I've never ever seen her mad like this ever

    • Ok go home DON'T be a smart mouth and take you punishment

    • She is pissed off because she was a teen mom and seeing you having sex underage, she sees herself. Obviously she is ashamed of her own actions in the past and doesn't want you to make the same mistake.

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  • She's pissed off at you because first of all you are underage. She probably still sees you as her baby, because in a sense you still are. You also were doing that under her roof, which I'm sure she didn't appreciate. You also could get pregnant, then you'd be a teen mom and let's face it, that shit is not going to be fun.

    Your mom has every right to be pissed off at you. In fact, you should be pissed off at yourself.
    I understand you have your hormones, but you also have a brain. It's sad how no one fucking uses it anymore.


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  • Say sorry or something i can't really help you! =(

  • Pretend it never happened.

  • ... you should be ashamed...
    and congrats on wasting your first time...

    YOU ARE UNDER 18 ! what were you thinking?

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