Doing Maths Exams in High Now Pointless? You can get all the answers online and it won't prove a thing?

I was just browsing the internet and I came across this. A guy going through every aspect fo the test. The student knows exactly what to study or the area to study. When I did the test, I studied everything not knowing what to expect and I could have got a higher grade if I knew.

Do you see a point in it? to the other side of it... it seems like with the age of the internet, INDIVIDUALS doing the internet is starting to become irrelevant. Computers and the internet now have the potential to take over so do we really even need it?

Doing Maths exams in High School now Pointless*


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  • This method of studying is pretty common for tests. It's just helping students get familiar with the the type of questions and the format. It's not like the test is going to include these *exact* questions.

  • you're supposed to do it on your own/


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