Do I deserve this? Why the hell is he doing this?

So at work, me and this guy who is 33 years old had a bit of a tiff. It was all a major miscommunication and I yelled at him.

I yelled at him because he was absolutely rude to me.

During the aftermath, he could not even look at me. He wears a cap and he has headphones. WHnever I start talking, he puts his headphones on. Whenever I walk past or stand in his line of sight, he puts his cap to a side where he cannot see me.

Do I deserve this? Or is he being a little child?

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  • You both were out of line, he's acting like a dick, and if you are working at a job where you both can act that way and dress/behave so poorly, odds are, being given advice on how to behave successfully is going to fall on deaf ears.

    So your question doesn't matter.


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  • It's childish that a grown man is acting that way, but it could be worse. I'd just ignore it.