Do you have bike / scotty?

  • Yeah ! I have it , and hell it is expensive one.
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  • No , I still don't know how to ride it.
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  • My father has one bike. Will it still be counted?
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  • I don't prefer riding bike because my sexy girlfriend has scotty.
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  • My parent has promised me to gift me bi-cycle in my next birthday if I get good score in exam.
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  • I have my new car. It is faster than fucking bike.
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  • I love my life. So , I don't prefer any vehicles.
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Scotty = scooter


Most Helpful Girl

  • I do not have any vehicle. But lately I have become so interested in bike. Maybe I will have one. It is good for health. And it is eco friendly.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I voted A. I just got me a new hardtail MTB and I love it. There's a photo of my new BFF on my profile. 💚


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  • I have a bike and a car as well (not expensive ones), but what on earth is a 'Scotty'?

    • scooter :D :D

    • You can give me one if you have EXTRA? :D

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