Why do so many people on here want others to rate them when the only thing that matters is how you rate yourself?


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  • doesn't it help when people find you as attractive as you find yyourself. I've seen people who were really ugly as if they were beautifull and I've seen people, (sorry but its especially true for hot or pretty girls.) Who were really good looking at sad or slightly depressed. I dont know man. I always considerd my self average because i dont want to think im better looking then people but in the same time i dont want to feel like shit you know.

    • You always got to see yourself as the best, for people, and life in general will do its darndest to cut you down

    • Thats True, its kind of like you have to be yourown cheerleader because the world is alwaystrying to make you worse or feel luke your worse. Cool, i feel better already lol.

    • Even with relationship- the term 'attractive' is arguably the most ambiguous term in the dictionary

      With every one having a unique spin on it

  • It's all a persons ego. Sure I've posted How do I look questions before, but not for rates. I posted one comparing me with and without glasses

    • That is different it is more a style question.

      As for ego, it is all about self, and i can never understand why others cannot get this

    • Yes I know ego is about self and they use this to help boost it

  • the human ego, insecurities, all that jazz.

    • But ego is all about you, rather than others :)

      can't people get that?

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    • I have always lived only listening to me about me in regards to esteem issues

    • That's a good mindset.

  • That's deep bro, deeep... the feels. :'( :'( :'(