Should I delete him on facebook?

Me and this guy, we were almost together, after I broke up with my ex. He was nice to me and attracted to me, but I was very down at that time. We are not together in the end it was mostly because of my fault. Now I don't have hope with him anymore, and he neither, but it's still kind of sad when I see him on facebook because it always reminds me how good he is and how I blew things up.. I may can't see him anymore, who knows.

Should I just delete him? But I still don't want to do that.


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  • That sucks, it happens... Just dont follow him while keeping him as a friend, you won't see his updates, but will always have to option to change it around

    • yeah I'm already not following him anymore, but sometimes when I get bored, I still will go to his page and check him out.

      What do you mean by changing it around?

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