What to do when most guys assume im flirting when im not?

Should i stop being friendly and talkative with guys? it seems like if your nice, and is laughing and being a normal human being guys assume it means something.. This doesn't happen with every guy i meet, but a lot of guys either dont like that i talk to them (im guessing its because they think im interessted, when im not, im just being nice), im not saying thats the reason , but thats how i see it. Or they think that im flirting or interessted..

I dont know what to do... i mean a lot of times i dont even approach them, they approach me.. and im like that to everyone, not just guys.. So any advice?


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  • You probably have a flirtatious personality. There are girls out there like that. You probably can't help it without suppressing who you really are. I don't believe in people suppressing who they are. I think you'll just have to tell them if they think you're flirting with them.

    • but i dont like to assume things... unless they ask me out or tell me that they like me or anything i dont tell them "hey, im not interested"... this guy at my work started messaging me.. and i talked to him yesterday.. im not sure if he's just being nice or what it is... but from experience when guys message me after meeting them its because they like me or want to take me out or something

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    • It's good that you don't assume things. He either wants to be friends or eventually wants to date you. I think you should wait it out like you normally do. Assuming would be bad and sound bitchy.

    • okay! im just assuming he's being nice and wants me to feel welcome

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