I don't understand myself?

i don't understand what is wrong with me
i just started crying this morning for no appearent reason and it has been months since i last cried!
i feel so empty, i never feel happy nor sad. even when crying i don't feel sad, and when laughing i don't feel happy
i do not understand it and it's starting to drive me insane. i just feel so lonely despite having more friends than ever


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  • When u keep bottling up emotions one day u end up crying fr no apparent reason. Let out once in a while. Make an introvert friend... they r the best listeners and empathizers.

    • but i don't feel like i bottle up emotions, so how am i supposed not to do so?

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  • Time to look for someone who can fully understand you. Maybe you need a closer friend... or a girlfriend.

    • yeah that would be nice, especially a girlfriend. but i've never been in love either

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  • Maybe it's possible you haven't expressed your emotions in a long time.

    • i haven't. i got bullied my entire life. now i don't feel emotions nor do i know how to express myself :(