Anyone have any "almost kidnapped" or other exciting stories?

Okay so I'm watching a bunch of like "almost kidnapped" story time videos on YouTube and they're actually kind of addictive.

I actually have a couple but only one where it wasn't cuz of me being reckless. I got lost and my phone died and i ended up like in the middle of this cornfield (i live in a redneck town btw). Well i come up on this house and i see someone walking out so I'm like.. okay I'll ask for directions.

Well i get close to this guy and i see he's this tall massive redneck with barely any teeth and a sore on his eye. So being an idiot i'm like "do you know how to get to (streetname)" and hewas like "yeahh well do you live there?" So im thinking weird question and i go "no its my friends house (a lie)" so this dude like looks me up and down (i was NOT dressed trashy but wasn't wearing a bra) and goes "actually wait a minute"

So he goes in andcomes out with this older guy. Older guy looks at me and goes "tell her to come in" so thebig guy is like "hey come inside and we'll tell you how to get there" so "im like you can just tell me from here right?" and they both keep saying "just come on in" and i was like starting to get nervous and i waslike "i don't get it why can't you tell me from here?" well they both stop talking and the big guy starts walking toward me and i run off full speed screaming "fucking perverts" and thank god this girl driving by heard me and stopped and she gave me a ride home.

Well i get home and i realize the directions were ultra simple. It was literally just "cross this hill, then go this way" no reason i had to go inside.

Anyone have any stories like this? I'd like to read if you wanna share.

FYI this is a whole youtube trend

Obviously actual kidnapping stories are just sad. Just like jumping out of a plane withOUT a parachute is sad. But if it has ahappy ending itcan be an exciting story to tell.

Don't like it, ignore it. Seriously peoplejust LOVE being offended.


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  • Should be stuff on net - Always forums covering these areas - If you do join be careful who you talk to.


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  • When I was 8 me and some more friends of mine were playing at a friends house on the corner on Saturday. All of a sudden this old man pulled up to the stop sign in a blue truck and asked us if we could help him out. My mom always told me not to go up to anyone's vehicle so I stayed back. My other friend walked up to him as we repeatedly told her to come back. The man told her that he was looking for his and that if we found him he would give us some candy. The story didn't sound right to us for some reason so we all immediately went back to our homes.

    One Monday evening my friend and I were getting off the school bus. The same man from Saturday pulled up to us and kept trying to talk to us. We kept walking a little faster and whispering to each other that is the same man from Saturday. He literally started yelling for us to get back her and speeding up so we took off running and yelling down the street and cutting through backyards. We had to drop our backpacks because we had way too many books in them to run. All we could was tire squels. Finally, we got to my house and we told my mom who was sitting outside.

    • Thats really scary and f'd up, there a lot of creeps in this world. Be careful!

    • Wow, very sad and creepy

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  • i would kidnapp you😌

  • I am glad you brought this up, I will indulge into this later.


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  • How the eff I are kidnapp stories exciting? You must be sick in the head.

    • They're not, almost kidnapping stories are. Chill out

  • Exciting hm?
    More like scary stories

    • Okay scary then, regardless. Exciting doesn't have to be positive. Maybe im just macabre