When you only get attention from unattractive guys?

so i just talked to me sister, we both just moved, and she's meeting guys and just having fun.

Me on the other hand have been meeting guys, just no cute guys. I think the only cute guy i had a full convo with since i came her has a girlfriend. Other then that, any guy that has shown any interest (anything from checking me out to messaging me) are unattractive guys.

For example at the gy, there is a lot of attractive guys there, but the only guys i have noticed checking me out are guys i dont find attractive. But then again i have barly check out any cute guys at all.. mostly because i feel like crap 90 % of the time.

When i go to school i dont pay any attention to guys so for all i know i get attention, i just dont notice it.. I signed up for volunteer work, not cute guys there either, no cute guys in class, nothing.

So any advice on how to meet more guys, cute guys? i mean there are plenly of cute guys out there, i can't imagine non of them finding me attractive...


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  • What are your standards?

    • when it comes to looks i dont really have a standar because i know personality is important. I find myself attracted to all sorts of guys.. But i have a hard time finding guys who are skinnier and shorter then me attractive.. Im not tall nor am i skinny (im average) and i would prefer the guy to me at least average... i just dont find skinny guys attractive, or skinnier then me. So as long as he's cute and isn't too skinny or too fat

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    • I still maintain that it's probably just all your intense insecurity sending out warnings signs to all the bachelors.

    • maybe...

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  • 1. You're projecting insecurity which is a major turn off and we will keep guys esp attractive guys from hitting on you. 2. Maybe your're too picky. 3. Maybe you're not as cute as you think you are.

    • 1. yeah i got to work on that. 2. Im not picky, i just want a "normal" cute guy.. and from experience guys get more attractive if they have a great personailty. So i always have that in the back of my mind, so if a guys is kinda cute he can become really cute if he has a personality i like. 3. I might not, but i have gotten attention from guys i do find attrractive, so its very difficult for me to know how attractive i am. I have gotten attention from really cute guys and not so cute guys, so how do i know?

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    • An average looking guy is like Jason Siegel, Zack Galifinakes (misspelled im sure) Nat Wolff, Caleb Ruminer (and he's on the higher end of average) and Tob Pinkston

  • You might have to lower your standards. Finding someone attractive isn't going to make them find you attractive in return.

    • i can't lower my standars regarding looks, you're attracted to what you're attracted to... If i dont find a guy attractive he has to have a super great personality for me to find him attractive. Im not going do date an unattractive guy.. besides i dont want a super hot guy, whos 6'0 ft tall, and is a lawyer. I just want an normal cute guy with a nice personality, nothing too fancy. And im aware of that, but i have a hard time beliving that no cute guy will find me attrractive, ever

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