How to be brooke davis?

How to he like her, she's sexy and at the same time she's always there for people... how to be like her


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  • She's a 35 year old woman. You're a 16 year old girl.
    Give yourself time to grow, mature and develop.
    You'll find your own sexy and develop your own character.
    You have to get comfortable with your own appearance and your own kid to come off as sexy and confident.

    • *your own SKIN to come off as sexy and confident ( I mean)

    • And how would I do that? I swear im trying to change myself since three years I swear with my life

    • You need to give yourself time hon.

      Being confident and sexy doesn't come over night.
      You have to be okay with your flaws and everything that you can't change.
      Wanting to be like someone else doesn't strike me as confident.

      Style your hair.
      Wear flattering clothes.
      Exercise (eat right) you will feel better about yourself.

  • From One Tree Hill?