I want to be professional speaker?

Hello everyone,

My dream is to be professional speaker, how to be I know a lot in special niche I want to teach them about that how I got my job at age of 16 and so on how can they achieve that if they can.

What do you think?

How can achieve something like that?


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  • I think that's great!


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  • You might find help in here

  • I think you should find another thing to pursue.

    For one thing, your writing is incomprehensible.

    Secondly, you can't just want to be a speaker, you've got to have something to speak about that other people will find it worth listening to.

    Go live some life for a decade or so and forget about speaking until you've grown some grey hairs.

    • hehe but why you need to be old to be speaker, I'm 19 now ***

    • Ok. Tell me. What life experience do you have that I would possibly want to spend my time listening to?

    • second place startup at age of 17, got job first job at age of 16 on my own over internet.

      Now I want to start blogging about that and to help other people.