How to stay head strong about your goals?

i really have goals I want to complete before my life ends, but my thoughts... Help?


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  • i think just figuring out what steps it takes to reach you're goals is what's important, and with that developing a good work ethic and discipline. never give up <3


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  • Well then complete your goals since your still young. You have 60 years of life left. But anything can still happen between that time. Write your goals down or keep a mental chart with you.

    • Okay, thanks!!!❤️😊

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  • pick one goal at a time. Write down the steps you have to follow to complete it and start following them.

    there will be times when you 'll want to give up or not feel motivated, but you'll have to persist and keep trying. Imagine how awesome it'll be once you succeed!

    • I know!!!❤️
      Thanks ma'am!!!

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