Help? Bowel movement embarrassment?

Okay, I seriously have to do a bowel movement, but I don't want to because my cousins that I am visiting are here and (they are boys) and I have a guy that I like that I really don't want to smell my terrible smell... When I have to past gas I run upstairs and when I need to burp I excuse myself. I'm trying so hard... I need a new technique... I have air freshener but sometimes the smell is still there.


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  • It's no big deal. We all do it. If you pass gas with sound in front of them then it's possible that they will find it gross for a girl to do it in front of peoplesame with the burping. I don't think we smell like shi* after adoing bathroom business unless you don't clean up after yourself.
    Overall I don't think it's something that should constantly be on your mind. Try enjoying your time with them and especially the guy you like.


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  • Go at night or go into the bathroom for a shower and take one before. They'll just think you're taking a log shower


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  • Just do it guys are fully aware girls poop

    • I'm trying to.

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    • Yeah...
      Oh this is going to be terrible.

      I'll wait until everyone falls asleep

    • I wouldn't

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