Why aren't guys attracted to me?

I'm not the girl guys stop and stare at and I'm not the girl who gravitates a lot of attention but I've never once been asked out I don't think I'm unattractive and I do have a bit of low self esteem and I'm working on it but I have goals and I'm smart and nice.. It seems like some girls don't have to try at all and get asked out like or approached like crazy.. They don't even have to be super pretty either or even nice tbh I don't know I just feel left out and confused


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  • Don't even worry about it. That's what happened to me before I didn't know what was wrong with me. In the end, that should be the least of your worries. I feel that I get more attention now and it's not that great. All the attention you see you guys give to other girls doesn't necessarily mean that they are genuinely interested in them solely for their personality. You really need to have your guard up.

    If you are curious about why guys don't approach you could possibly be the way you carry yourself. Walk around with your head held up high, trying not to have such a serious face. Trust me, the right guy will make the effort to get to know you (: the best things always happen unexpected.


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  • Have you ever met a guy with low self-esteem? Of course you have. In most cases, he won't be attractive - his personality will make him come across as desperate, or even pathetic.

    "I do have a bit of low self esteem"

    This is your issue. The solution is: stop caring so much about what other people think about you. There are a handful of important people in your life: your parents/family, teachers, a couple of mentors, and usually that's about it. What THOSE people think about you matters, and what everyone else thinks is irrelevant.

    Think about the "coolest" people you know - the most attractive and desirable. Do they care what others think about them? Hell no! That's why they have confidence - they've learned that most people's opinions of them don't matter.

    Once you can adopt the attitude that YOU have worth, and that most people's opinions of you don't matter, you will exude confidence, and people who never noticed you before will suddenly start showing interest in you. Your whole "vibe" will change, and people will pick up on it, and they'll be attracted to it. It's really that simple.

    • I guess but I don't think I'm that bad that it comes out in how I carry myself

    • We all have trouble seeing our own faults and issues sometimes. Try asking some other people - ask them to be brutally honest with you, and see what their perceptions of you are. Don't be hurt by their answers (though you may not like them), but LEARN from them and work to improve the areas that may need work. None of us are perfect...

  • That's probably something you should be glad about. The girls who attract a lot of guys have the tendency to get the lot of jerks and a-holes, so are at the risk of constant heart breaks. But you, when you get a guy chances will be that he's more likely interested in you as an individual.
    But anyway, I'm sure you do get noticed, but you don't realize it. Chin up. G'luck

  • I can see the mental attraction already. But its hard to tell without the physical side.

  • Well she said she doesn't seem unattractive. How would you rate yourself? It could be you're too cute to approach. I recommend you look and smile and let a guy know you are interested in him non verbally.

    • People have rated me an 8 on here but then again they could be just being nice

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    • It could be since girls if they are confident look conceited and most guys won't approach and if you look shy it looks also like your conceited. Thats how girls look to me when they act that way. Im not say they are but it appears that way.

    • But I'm not conceited..

  • Girls get rejected and ignored if :

    They are ugly (sad but true people are shallow)
    they are fat (point one)
    they are loud
    they might get attention but never notice (obvlivious to flirting)

    • I don't know I feel like ugly could be pretty to someone.. But I think I'm cute..
      I'm not fat but I have curves so I'm not slender
      I don't know if I'm oblivious or not..

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    • Well from everything said which one do you think it is?

    • I dont know youso I really can't tell

  • If you could have uploaded a profile pic of yours than people could have proper opinions about you on whether you are attracting men or not.
    The fact is men are generally visual.

    • I feel like if you see my picture you would say she's cute but out of a crowd of pretty girls I wouldn't stand out

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