Is this what lust feels like?

i dont think I've ever felt lust for someone, but correct me if i am wrong. There is a guy i think i may feel that way for. im not sure.

when i first met him, i didn't really care for him very much. we started working together and i guess he took a liking to me, to my surprise. i dont feel like id be his type. he usually likes girls who dress sexy and reavealing. i dress innocent, sort of like taylor swift, im quiet, kind nerdy and sort of weird, i guess. i also come off as innocent, but as you get to know me, im pretty laid back but have a sarcastic attitude.

so he was always nice to me, he would tell me he loved me, he would do a lot for me, i felt like i wouldn't do any work because he kept trying to help me. i started to like him but at the same time i was scared he only wanted to get in my pants. so i guess i kind of confused him. one night we got drunk with our coworkers and we ended up hugging a lot. i acted pretty stupid and he thought i wasn't interested and things got weird. he got a girlfriend eventually so i forced myself to get over him. i tried to make the best of it and just see him as a friend. and it worked, but every once in a while he hugs me and is still really sweet so i question things.. also, it turns out he did want me but its too late now.

im not a touchy person and i always complain about personal space but for some reason, i really enjoy being close to him. i love it when he's near me, when i have something on my shirt or my arm and he talks quietly and gets it for me. i love it when he comes up to me and just looks me in the eyes but stays quiet for a few seconds before saying anything. i feel like im over him, but i feel this comfort with him. like i feel safe when he's near me. i love teasing him and making him worry. he tries to do it to me too but he sucks at sarcasm. anyway, is this all lust? im trying to keep it friendly and i will never do anything to break them up, but the feelings come and go.


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  • definitely lust there. you want into his pants...

    • Really? Ok cool. As long its not deeper or serious its fine. Im not doing anything about it. Im too much of a prude for that.

    • Don't be a prude.. Just go with it and have some fun XXX

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  • Yes that's lust.