Why is the live feed almost all one guys questions?

If you click on live feed why is this website mostly this one guys questions? I don't come on here much anymore but noticed that the first 8 or 10 questions are by the same person. Why?

  • That person has a lot of time on their hands
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  • Gag is not that busy anymore so the one person that lives on here will be shown more
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  • Gag loves this one person so much they display mostly his questions
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  • It could be based on who or what you're following. That's why I browse from https://www.girlsaskguys.com/recent?t=questions

    • Nope. It changed after I asked but I was not following that person. If you just went to live feed about an hour ago it was almost all the one user but it changed magically all of a sudden :P

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    • Yay!!! Bernie! I think he's awesome too.

    • :) he sure is!

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  • @Klaatu51 right?

    • lol no comment

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    • Never said who lol

    • Funny somehow now it doesn't show that specific person's questions all in a row. So weird. It's almost as if it was set up like that for grandiose purposes but now was changed back to normal.

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  • It's likely because they're posting a lot of questions, updating them and getting activity on them. If you block them, they shouldn't show up on your live feed any more.


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