Anyone else thinking that microsoft edge is still laggy?

Despites they said that this will be the "change" after abandoning internet explorer, but I still feel like it reacts slowly to my clicks/scroll sometimes.
I have a recent clean install of windows 10


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  • Yes, microsoft edge will have lot bugs to works things out also
    i would never use Windows 10.. to about another year so browsers
    such as Chrome, Firefox has a chance to update its extensions that
    will still work.. XD

    • Thank You for MHO :)
      Wanted tell you that Windows 10 is now
      not allowing anyone to use Chrome/ Firefox Browsers
      so i will stick with Windows 8/ Windows 7

    • what? really? wow? Because I have windows 10 already and installed chrome earlier and it is still running.

    • Yeah, you may be okay i hope it works for you

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  • I went back to Firefox.

    Edge doesn't have add-on support yet, and I have way too many problems with it.

    With Firefox, I can run multiple add-ons that block web trackers and scripts.

  • yea that's the reason i reverted back to the old windows i thought it was my internet but it just doesn't seem smooth and steam does't work with windows 10 either so yea they need to do some work

    • why not install chrome then?

    • i had chrome it even seem to make that laggy i like the layout of windows 10 but there seem to be 2 many things wrong with it for me

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  • I did not like Microsoft edge. I don't understand why they had to change it. Overall, I don't really like windows 10.

    • the other problem with edge is that there are no extensions available to it

  • Windows 10 is not very good.

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